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Filled with thought!

Personal blog at www.wickedmike.com. Love for my town at www.loveknysna.com, political commentary at www.knysnakeep.org and old music zine at www.wickedrock.net.

Favourite book - Imajica (Clive Barker)
Favourite movies - Fight Club & Donnie Darko
Favourite TV Series - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Favourite Poem of My Own - Whispers
Hate: Liars, the lazy and religious hypocires.

Wicked Mike's Works:

Only in my head. Never tried to be published although most of my poems have been filed, online, under the title Black Book for many years.

PoemHunter.com Updates

A Lover's Prelude

And she said to me,
before she sang
the Song of Fragility,
“Death is the limb of love”

(The song) :
Bombs shelter
a welter of tears
that splash from a mother

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