Treasure Island

Wild Bill Balding

(12 June 1961 / London)

Biography of Wild Bill Balding

Wild Bill Balding poet

Of Welsh descent, Bill Thomas is currently a teacher of Religious Studies, History & Astronomy at Tewkesbury School in Gloucestershire, UK. As well as writing & performing poetry, in his spare time he takes pictures of postboxes & plays Subbuteo (flick-to-kick table soccer) . He is married, with two stepchildren & a permanent puzzled expression while trying to look for things that were there just a moment ago.

Wild Bill Balding's Works:

Bill's hymns appear on Stainer & Bell's 'HymnQuest' CD-ROM (available from S&B) & occasionally in their journal 'Worship Live'. His poems have appeared in several journals, but The Book is yet to happen. He is a member of Ledbury's Homend Poets, & performs regularly at events in the South-West & South Wales. Some of these poems appear on, Chris Hall's website of artists & poets from South Wales & the Marches, which is well worth a look. Updates


Elsie showed me hers.
She showed everyone,
whether they wanted to see it or not:
an inch long coppery-black bead,
nestled in a box of cotton wool,
passed along the table at the old folks' lunch club.

Molly wouldn't show me hers.
It lurked in the liquid

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