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Biography of wild fire

I really don't think that earthly facts are important. I'm just a girl who writes to describe how she feels so read what you'd like. I really dont get out much. I love to stay home and write and listen to music.♥ . Also I have my own style of doing things...I dress nice and pretty but some days are the hoody and sweat kinda days...I love playing with mud but hate the worms and bugs associated with it...I play the flute in the band and chances are if you wanna make a joke about it
I've already heard it so shove it♥ I go off into my own little world sometimes.

check out the myspace page if you wanna see more i guess


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I saw it there,
in your eyes.
I saw it,
my last sunrise.

The day you left,
keys pitched toward me.
I gave them back,
and then you screamed.

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