Winston Harding

Winston Harding Poems

1. God Bless America 9/11/2011
2. We Turn To The United States 9/11/2011
3. You Are A Jewel 9/21/2011
4. Listen To The News 9/24/2011
5. Thanksgiving Day 10/9/2011
6. The Court Of Justice 10/23/2011
7. Christmas! Christmas! 12/17/2011
8. Moral Persausion Leaders, Speak Up! 2/7/2012
9. Let There Be Peace 2/9/2012
10. Put God Back On The Throne 3/26/2012
11. Christmas Is Here! Hail Him! Hail Him 12/9/2012
12. Two Trees At Christmas 12/22/2013
13. Sponsor Something 12/25/2013
14. Triumph Dear Master, Triumph! 10/23/2013
15. Pray For The World 9/30/2013
16. Give To Fight Ebola, Now! 12/7/2014
17. Suicide! Suicide! 1/5/2014
18. Be Unto Others As Unto Me 9/21/2013
19. Entire World, Be Awakened! 2/7/2012
20. Money For Life 10/28/2011
21. One Leader Cannot Quiet A Nation Forever 10/21/2011
22. Watch Your Mouth! 3/6/2012
23. Touch The Soul Of Humanity 11/23/2011
24. Wind 9/24/2012
25. A Toast To Canada 10/21/2011
26. Leaders Of The World, Be Courageous 2/7/2012
27. My Soul Wane 2/7/2012
28. United Nations Finally Together! 9/28/2013
29. Don'T Tear America Down! 10/30/2011
30. Dear America 11/5/2012
31. Nelson Mandela The Hero Lives 12/5/2013
32. Celebrate Jamaica 3/7/2012
33. Greed 10/19/2011
34. On The Elevator 8/17/2011
35. Poverty In The 21st Century 7/12/2014
Best Poem of Winston Harding

Poverty In The 21st Century

It's the 21st century
The media displays it day and night,
Poverty across the globe lies
Poverty cries out from the belly of little boys
Little girls, parents too
Desperately searching for food,
Shelter, clothing, for love,
Companion, for attention
Those with plenty, refuse
To amend, a world haunted by

Is poverty affecting the rich?
Are their poverty the same
As the poor in financial constrains?
For they, too, poverty of love
I see poverty in the learned
I see poverty in those whose
Selfish acts are destroying ...

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God Bless America

The hands of evil awakened the sleeping giant
They thought they could destroy the
Manificent symbol of freedom on September 11,2011
And escape the resolve of a people, a nation

Courage in the hearts of citizens
Awakened to the call of action
A nation under attack, respond
Yet a world wonder, how could it be?

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