Yasmeen Khan

Veteran Poet - 1,938 Points [Quill pen]

Biography of Yasmeen Khan

I live in a strange world. The music of my life has its own rhythm. I write from imagination and inspiration. The canvas has no limits and colors can be picked from a personal experience, childhood memories, a person, a movie, a novel, a symphony, a painting, a picture or any poem written by a favourite poet. The problem is that how goes the brushstroke to paint the intensity of imagination. Sometimes it's impasto and sometimes wet-a-wet. But for this I rely on all members on PH who generously comment on my poems. I feel I have a born love for art and humanity.

Dove Is Killed

I know it's never been safe to build there
a home in an abandoned corner, but it's been
their habit for past few years, in every summer
they choose that nook, the 'best' home they ween

This time as they started bringing a straw, a twig
to loosely arrange them making a shaggy roost
I tried to stop them from dwelling again in this
place open to the eye of predators' greed

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