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I WISH FOR A NEW HEALING GENERATION; MY MESSAGES IN THESE POEMS WILL FOREVER GRANT MY WISH..I HAVE STRONG FAITH AND I BELIEVE IN LIGHT AND LIFE G-D(OR HIGHER POWER FOR OTHERS) OFFERS TO ALL OF US. I appreciate LIFE for the FOREVER growing experiences it instills and the GOLDEN obstacles we come across which pulls-in certain people in our life for whatever reason(whether it be temporary or permanent; everyone we meet in life is for a genuine reason) . It is through the ACCEPTANCE of APPRECIATING the Souls we encounter, and BELIEVING in them as well as OUR SELF, which we BEGIN to Learn and GROW within oneanother AND IT OUR SELF(INNER SEED) . It's through the recognition of Others which leads us closer to the AWARENESS of SELF. Once the SELF is unfolded, then the Showering Awakens into the Artistic Flower Blossoming into its colors and shapes that its MEANT to taKE ON; SORT OF LIKE A cALLING. WE NEED ONLY ACCESS OUR FREEDOM TO DIVE INTO THE POOL OF LIFE; THE ONLY WAY IS THROUGH EMPOWERING SELF BY LETTING GO OF WHAT IS HOLDING US FROM MOVING FORWARD IN LIFE, STEMMING FROM CHILDHOOD.
* Aside from expressing my art in writing, I am also into spreading art in a visual sense through pictures as a photographic artist. My love and passion for life turns me to travelling, yoga, meditation, education, philosophy, music, wine, foods, culture, art, and photography. I see my life as an ever growing journey; one I am diving into Limitlessly...


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