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1. The Forgotten 11/1/2009
2. The 'It' 11/1/2009
3. The Moon (A Haiku) 11/1/2009
4. Because Of You 4/6/2010
5. Hope You'Re Happy 4/6/2010
6. Not Bad, Just Different 9/19/2010
7. Not You 3/16/2010
8. Who Am I? 3/16/2010
9. Today Was The Day 4/6/2010
10. I Lost It 4/6/2010
11. You Think 4/6/2010
12. Tell Me 9/19/2010
13. The Song Of Sorrow 11/15/2009
14. It's Too Bad 11/15/2009
15. I Wish I Could Tell You 11/15/2009
16. You Get Me 11/24/2009
17. I Love You 11/24/2009
18. Land Of The Lost 11/24/2009
19. What I Wanted To Find 11/24/2009
20. In The Dark (Haiku) 11/24/2009
21. If Only... 1/5/2010
22. Wish Upon Your Star 1/6/2010
23. Alone 3/16/2010
24. You 11/15/2009
25. Lost 11/1/2009
26. Pretend It's Okay 11/1/2009
27. Losing You 11/2/2009
28. She And I 5/4/2010
29. The Cry 11/2/2009
30. In The Dead Of Night 11/2/2009
31. Who Knew 9/19/2010
32. What Will It Take? 11/24/2009

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What Will It Take?

What will it take to become perfect for you?
I've tried and I've tried and I've tried.
What? Do I have to do what you do?
Do have to act superior and lie?

What will it take to make you proud like you want?
I'm doing about everything I can.
When I'm not good enough you guilt me and taunt.
I want to be myself, too.

What will it take to get away from your rant?
You always come and point out my flaws.
Telling me to do so much better when i know that I just can't.
You never leave me alone.

What will it take to be able to leave?
I can take you...

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The Forgotten

We live in the shadows of your memories and dreams.
We are the cries you hear at night that tear at your heart's seams.

We want to be remembered, we want to be loved.
We want a sign of life above.

We sit in wait, begging to be seen by the very humanity who has left us behind.
We cry and beg for the loved ones who have forgotten us to remember, to save us from the invisibility so unkind.

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