7Shadows Teed

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I write my poems form what I've been through. Like my brother i've moved around since I was young. I come from a military family. It's become hard for people to get my trust over the years and i'm not exactly the easiest person to get along, depending on the person and how the person feels toawrd me. To sum this up and keep it from getting much longer. There is more to me then meets the eye.

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Love And Hate

Love and me,
Where like two opposites.
Where one is there can't be the other.
It’s not like most people,
Where them and love live in peace,
Or at least in some kind of harmony.
Here it’s like putting someone with something they hate more then the world.
Why it’s this way I don't know.
But the more I go through live the more I feel less love.

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