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I write my poems form what I've been through. Like my brother i've moved around since I was young. I come from a military family. It's become hard for people to get my trust over the years and i'm not exactly the easiest person to get along, depending on the person and how the person feels toawrd me. To sum this up and keep it from getting much longer. There is more to me then meets the eye.

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I hand to you my emotions.
The ones that have caused me my weakness.
I hand you the ones he used against me.
I hand these to you so you can keep them from me.
I give you them so they will not cause me anymore pain from my scars and memories.
So that they will not be used against me anymore, leaving me to no longer feel anything.
Making it so that on one will get hurt beyound what the should, its better this way.
I hand them to you knowing you knowing you will not let me down with what i'

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