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7Shadows Teed Poems

1. One More Day 3/1/2007
2. Demon Eye 3/1/2007
3. Secret 3/2/2007
4. Eternal Sleep 3/4/2007
5. 3 Days 3/6/2007
6. Moonlight Love 3/15/2007
7. Dead Town 3/23/2007
8. Real Me 3/29/2007
9. In This Moment 3/29/2007
10. Massacre 3/30/2007
11. Decoy 4/2/2007
12. Fear 4/4/2007
13. To My Father... 4/5/2007
14. What Right? 4/9/2007
15. Lonely Night 4/14/2007
16. Scars 1/13/2007
17. Emotions 1/13/2007
18. To The World 1/20/2007
19. Dream 1/24/2007
20. Love And Hate 1/31/2007
21. Dancing Fire 1/31/2007
22. Past And Present 2/2/2007
23. Memories 2/11/2007
24. Broken 2/11/2007
25. Vengance 2/13/2007
26. Two Paths 2/23/2007
27. Closed Mind 2/23/2007
28. Forgive Me 2/26/2007
29. Broken Thoughts 4/16/2007
30. What Happened? 4/19/2007
31. The World Is Holding Still Fo Us 4/19/2007
32. Disappearing 4/22/2007
33. Dream Again 4/23/2007
34. I'M Done 4/24/2007
35. Bleeding Heart 4/25/2007
36. Forever 4/27/2007
37. Heart And Mind 5/6/2007
38. Sorry Love 5/6/2007
39. Pitch Black Night Sky 5/6/2007
40. Confussion 5/6/2007

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I Miss You More And More With Each Passing Day

I keep forcing myself to think that you will find someone you will love more,
Like what always ends up happening,
So it won't hurt so much.
As long as your happy that all I need to know.

I keep asking why we parted,
The reason doesn't seem good enough I guess,
Or maybe it seems like there should be more to it.

The days grow longer and my heart grows colder.
My mind has become more unstable then before.
The 2 will never surface at the same time again.

I guess once again I’m on my own.
Normally that doesn't bother me...
But now it does...
I ...

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I hand to you my emotions.
The ones that have caused me my weakness.
I hand you the ones he used against me.
I hand these to you so you can keep them from me.
I give you them so they will not cause me anymore pain from my scars and memories.
So that they will not be used against me anymore, leaving me to no longer feel anything.
Making it so that on one will get hurt beyound what the should, its better this way.
I hand them to you knowing you knowing you will not let me down with what i'

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