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7Shadows Teed Poems

41. Shadow 5/7/2007
42. Secret Jealousy 5/8/2007
43. Like A Shadow 5/9/2007
44. Outcast 5/9/2007
45. No Desire 5/14/2007
46. Rain 5/14/2007
47. What If 5/23/2007
48. Do You? 5/24/2007
49. For My Love 6/22/2007
50. My Love For You 6/28/2007
51. 'Safe' World 8/3/2007
52. True Friends 2/1/2008
53. Trying To Understand 9/19/2008
54. Sands 1/23/2007
55. For Best Freind 1/24/2007
56. Without Him 4/4/2007
57. Where Did Those Days Go? 4/8/2007
58. No One Here 5/2/2007
59. Secret Thoughts 5/8/2007
60. True Love 2/23/2011
61. For My Guardians 5/17/2007
62. My Final Goodbye 8/23/2007
63. What I'D Do For Him 9/20/2007
64. My World 2/5/2007
65. Promise To My Enemy 2/9/2007
66. Truss 2/9/2007
67. My Protectors 5/14/2007
68. Hurtting Heart 4/24/2007
69. I Miss You My Lovey. 2/2/2008
70. Broken Friendship 2/27/2007
71. Death And Me 2/4/2007
72. Sorry For The Pain 4/16/2007
73. I Miss You More And More With Each Passing Day 4/23/2007
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I Miss You More And More With Each Passing Day

I keep forcing myself to think that you will find someone you will love more,
Like what always ends up happening,
So it won't hurt so much.
As long as your happy that all I need to know.

I keep asking why we parted,
The reason doesn't seem good enough I guess,
Or maybe it seems like there should be more to it.

The days grow longer and my heart grows colder.
My mind has become more unstable then before.
The 2 will never surface at the same time again.

I guess once again I’m on my own.
Normally that doesn't bother me...
But now it does...
I ...

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My sacrs open only to bleed again.
The blood spills eveyrwhere as they did when it first hurt.
The pieces that were shattered only become smaller, digging deeper into the wound.
The blood runs from the wounds only to add on to the poodle.
I feel the pieces drive deeper in the wound, almost as if feeding off the pain and insecurity. I feel the wound and the blood adding on to the poodle, making the pain all the more heavier, like a burden falling upon someone's shoulders without a word or sig

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