A Dark Lifetime ...

A Dark Lifetime ... Poems

121. The Snow Queen 4/4/2012
122. Alice In Wonderland 1/14/2012
123. Claustrophobia 4/4/2012
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Tapping the ceeling
My fingers burns
I have this feeling
That Im not heard
Im touching the walls
And my fingers hurt
Whats rising falls
In our pile of dirt
My screaming is unheard
And I feel the pain
Clear wings of a bird
Flying above me in the rain
My body is screaming
I've fallen so deep
Everythings dying
I dont want to sleep

I hit all the sides
Im trying to escape
I hit all the lies, all the cries, all the smiles that hides
With me...

Im stuck here forever
I dont want to live
I wish that I never
Took, and took ...

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Life Is Pretend

Everything in life needs a smile
Something that I cant promise
I dont wanna smile, just hide
Because I cant take this
Why does everything have to be good?
You know that its all fake
People who pretend their mood
They dont want you to know their misstake
When life gives you a headache..

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