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Thankyou to everyone who has voted and for all your heartwarming comments- they mean so much to me.

Hello.I'm currently working on a series of short stories and poems. - trying my hand at song writing, composing for various instruments and numbers etc... and script writting may begin soon. Anything I put on here is written by me (unless stated otherwise) Please don't copy my work. I do get rather annoyed at times because i come up with something that sounds fantastic and then, when i find something to write on i've forgoten it, so yeah. Apparently i've chosen the two hardest things to get published, but im not really looking that way yet. erm... enjoy? oh and p.s. I can't spell for toffie. p.p.s. I mean no offence to anyone, the content of my poems does not necessarily reflect my veiws.

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Dear Father Christmas

Dear Father Christmas,

This year I would like:

A water pistol to shoot my baby brother,
Some toffee to cease his cry,
Fake money so I can trick my sister,
With heads on either side,

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