A.J. Anesko

Biography of A.J. Anesko

A.J. Anesko is a published writer with a thankful mindset and an endless desire to make people happy. For A.J., sensual bliss is a must and happiness is found within.

A.J. lives in upstate, New York with three cats: Casper Leonardo, Hailey Rose, Jade Alexander, and two turtles: Sir Anthony and Sir Yertle.

A.J. Anesko's Works:

A.J. has published over fifty creative works and all have been published in erotic, horror, and inspirations forums and journals.

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Casper Leonardo

In my happiness and in my pain,
You are with me...
On my days when I don't plaster my face,
You are with me...
You don't seem to care if I look my best,
You are with me...
You are my best friend, my companion -
You cuddle with me when my tears are hot,
You lay with me when my nights are not...