A K Das Mridul

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A K Das Mridul poet

A K Das Mridul (born 20 August 1974) is a Bangladeshi author and poet. He was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. His first poetry book Musing Days in Love of the Bluebird (Prohor Kate Nilkonther Valobasay) has been very popular with readers. His most popular poems are Moonshine Woman, I shall bring you the Victory, If I would be Indra, Off the Hearing, Lover Forever, etc. Also his most popular short stories are Revenge, Hardship, etc. and most popular novel book is Manob Trisha.


A K Das Mridul was born from Napal Chandra Das and Jostna Rani Das in 1974 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He completed his MBA from Stamford University Bangladesh. He began writing at an early age. His short story, poetry, novel, printed in newspapers and magazines across the country are popular. He competed for the Nationwide Modern Poem Competition and won.

A K Das Mridul.
Website: www.akdasmridul.com
E-mail: info@akdasmridul.com

A K Das Mridul's Works:

Musing Days in Love of the Bluebird (Prohor Kate Nilkonther Valobasay) .2013

The Heart Verse Dancer (Ridoyer Ontorikkhe Nrittomoyi) .2015

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The Enticement Of Love

When the sharp addiction of love
Thrust the illuminate sense at the door of heart,
The poisonous fallen memories then
Arrive and gather all around.

When in silent cry for failure
The tear roams streaking down,
The waves of crazy love then
Stand like a peacock screening tail.

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