A K Sarker Shaon Biography

A K Sarkar Shaon (In Bengali ? ?? ????? ????) was born on 6 February 1967 in Gopalpur village of Nabinagar in Brahmanbaria of Bangladesh. His father Md. Abdul Gani Sarkar was a government official and mother Mrs. Saleha Gani Sarkar was an ideal housewife.

The beginning of his educational life was at the Udbodhon High School in Jhalokati district city. He passed S.S.C. from Nabinagar Pilot High School in 1983 and H.S.C. from Nabinagar Government College in 1985. During in service of Bangladesh Air Force In 1991, he graduated from the Air Force's Aeronautical Engineering Institute with a first-class associate's degree in Air Frame Technology under Aeronautical Engineering. He was the instructor of that prestigious institute for 10 years from 1996. He graduated from Dhaka University in 1989 with a degree in English Literature, and in 2008 with a Diploma in Information Technology from the University of Assumption, Thailand. He also holds a bachelor's degree in law from a private university. He has multiple Certificates of Experience in 'Food Safety Management' awarded by the International Finance Corporation under the World Bank with the collaboration of PRAN Group.

His published books three (03) ; Kotha-Kabbo (Lyric & Poetry) in 2019, Nirob Kothopokothon (Silent Dialogue) in 2020 & Apon-Chaya (Own Shadow) in 2021

Poetry books to be published are 'Love-delirium', 'Light-shadow', 'Peril-delirium', 'Chair and Thief' and 'Flute Player'. The children's poetry book is called 'Banka Chander Hasi' and the English poetry book is called 'Songs of Insane' and the story book is 'Makeup Box'.
'Tumi Amar Sajanee Sen' 'Nari Tumi Anannya', 'Apan-Chaya', 'Dhannyi Meye', 'Ballyasmriti', 'kashmiri Shall', Kanthal etc.
Retiring voluntarily from government service, he is working as a factory head of a leading company in Indo Sub Continent. He is permanently residing at his residence 'Shaonaz' in Uttarakhan in the capital city Dhaka of Bangladesh. email: shaonaz@ymail.com

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