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A Poet Who Loves To Sing ....AlvesHolmes Poems

441. Haiku Glowing In Magic 4/3/2009
442. Haiku Look - Fire In Sky 4/3/2009
443. Haiku Rainbow Melody 1/28/2009
444. Flamboyant Fall 2/5/2009
445. Haiku Winter's Mask 2/5/2009
446. Haiku When Autumn Returned 2/5/2009
447. Haiku Twilight Gold 2/5/2009
448. Tap Dancing On The Moon 2/5/2009
449. What Was That Crazy Thing You Said 2/5/2009
450. Haiku Duets 2/7/2009
451. Haiku Mountains 2/8/2009
452. Hauki Butterfly Pink #2 2/9/2009
453. Haiku Butterfly Pink #3 2/9/2009
454. Haiku Butterfly Pink #4 2/9/2009
455. Haiku Mirrors Of Fall 4/3/2009
456. Haiku My Boy After Playing In The Snow 2/5/2009
457. #273 Haiku Sing Out 1/17/2009
458. #274 Haiku Rainy Days Of Spring 1/16/2009
459. Haiku Crossing Bridges 1/17/2009
460. Haiku Giant Trees In Winter 1/17/2009
461. An Alliteration #3 1/12/2009
462. Running To The Beat Of The Drum 1/12/2009
463. Haiku Summer's Promise 1/2/2009
464. I Have A Song To Sing 12/30/2008
465. Haiku Baby Lion And Puppy 12/25/2008
466. Haiku Soar You Fine Bird 12/25/2008
467. The Lace Maker 12/21/2008
468. Haiku Fantasy Ballet 12/21/2008
469. Cynthia 12/20/2008
470. Haiku Rough Waters 12/20/2008
471. Love's Lament 12/16/2008
472. #202 Haiku Hey Don'T Hide In Shadows 12/13/2008
473. Snow Days 12/12/2008
474. Power Play 12/12/2008
475. Rebound 12/12/2008
476. Loneliness 12/11/2008
477. Sunday Morning Wishes 12/10/2008
478. My Blue Poem 12/9/2008
479. Butter In The Sky 12/8/2008
480. Catch A Falling Star 12/7/2008

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Sir, I Hope You Are Well

I hope you are well
And perhaps racing in the wind,
Or sailing on a sea with gentle winds,
Or maybe basking in the sun on some beautiful shore.

I hope you had a day of bliss,
Laughing with a friend who just hugged you and held your hand
Or perhaps was awed by your smile or that look in your eyes..

I hope your day overflowed with sunshine and sun beams
Tickled your nose or kissed the nose of someone you love
And together you did cart wheels or wrote some silly poem
Alternating the lines of love.

Oh, I hope someone sang ...

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Mistaken Identity

I thought it was the wind
Roaring like a lion
Dressed in golden helmet
With goggled eyes
Silvered streaked body
Glimmering in the spot light
Of morning sun...
Until it...fast moving thing...
Braked to a halt at the red light
And I saw it was you
And your Honda
Travelling south!

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