A Poet Who Loves To Sing ....AlvesHolmes

A Poet Who Loves To Sing ....AlvesHolmes Poems

41. The Calm Of Personal Peace 12/3/2008
42. The Debutant Sun 12/3/2008
43. One Hundred Yesterday's Ago 12/3/2008
44. One Mad Summer Afternoon 12/3/2008
45. I'Ll Be Right Here 12/3/2008
46. Perhaps 12/3/2008
47. I Knew This Man 12/4/2008
48. Thinking I Was Happy 12/4/2008
49. Those Early Morning Blues... 12/4/2008
50. After The Rain 12/4/2008
51. The Clock Goes Cuckoo - Cuckoo 12/4/2008
52. Haiku # Fall 12/4/2008
53. Winter's Reminder 12/4/2008
54. #342 Haiku Sunset's Crimson Rapsody 12/4/2008
55. Haiku A Love Lies Dying 12/4/2008
56. Haiku Missing My Love 12/4/2008
57. My Bodacious Dreams... 12/5/2008
58. #31 Haiku Sing Song Melody 12/5/2008
59. Love's Forever 12/5/2008
60. Seeking Love...His Silky Laugh... 12/5/2008
61. Somewhere In Paris 12/5/2008
62. When You Loved Me 12/5/2008
63. Your Place Your Space 12/5/2008
64. Would That My Love Were Magic 12/5/2008
65. The Trap 12/5/2008
66. In High Gear 12/5/2008
67. You Caress My Heart 12/5/2008
68. In Corners Of Lonely Rooms 12/5/2008
69. Dreamers 12/5/2008
70. On Being Green 12/5/2008
71. The Sweetest Flavored Pleasure 12/6/2008
72. Nothing Ventured... 12/6/2008
73. Connoisseurs Of Laughter 12/6/2008
74. Passion Dances 12/6/2008
75. Oh! Desire 12/6/2008
76. Faith Anew...Wrapped In Laughter 12/6/2008
77. I Thank You 12/6/2008
78. #358 Haiku Union Of Peace 12/6/2008
79. The Forever Of You 12/6/2008
80. The Visitor 12/6/2008

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Best Poem of A Poet Who Loves To Sing ....AlvesHolmes

Sir, I Hope You Are Well

I hope you are well
And perhaps racing in the wind,
Or sailing on a sea with gentle winds,
Or maybe basking in the sun on some beautiful shore.

I hope you had a day of bliss,
Laughing with a friend who just hugged you and held your hand
Or perhaps was awed by your smile or that look in your eyes..

I hope your day overflowed with sunshine and sun beams
Tickled your nose or kissed the nose of someone you love
And together you did cart wheels or wrote some silly poem
Alternating the lines of love.

Oh, I hope someone sang ...

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Linger a while,
Let me nestle again in the warmth
Of you embrace.
Linger a while,
Let me shower kisses on your gentle face.
We'll share again the joy and wealth
Of laughter...
Be giddy and carefree...
And in long years after,

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