A Poet Who Loves To Sing ....AlvesHolmes

A Poet Who Loves To Sing ....AlvesHolmes Poems

161. Remiss Desire 12/14/2008
162. Liquid Truth 12/14/2008
163. Oh... Regrets Are... 12/14/2008
164. There Are Those Times (When Words Are Not Enough) 12/15/2008
165. Once Upon A Mystery 12/15/2008
166. Iced Conversation 12/15/2008
167. #215 Haiku In World Of Difference 12/13/2008
168. Haiku #119 Heaven's Promises 12/13/2008
169. Breaking The Silence 12/13/2008
170. Love Laughed...Desire Ended 12/13/2008
171. On A Winter's Day 12/14/2008
172. Haiku Solitude 12/14/2008
173. Love Blossoms 12/15/2008
174. Hope Riding Dreams 12/15/2008
175. In Hot Pursuit 12/15/2008
176. Butterfly Love 12/15/2008
177. Ahhh! Death 12/15/2008
178. Heirlooms 12/15/2008
179. Warriors 12/15/2008
180. The Echoes Of Sorrow 12/15/2008
181. The Stormy Sea 12/15/2008
182. The Silence Of Night Fall 12/16/2008
183. The Song Never Ends 12/16/2008
184. Inspiration Moves... 12/16/2008
185. The Platter Was Brass (The Joe Clarke Trio + One) 12/16/2008
186. Haiku Rest Here In Garden Of The Senses 12/16/2008
187. These Hands 12/16/2008
188. Alone Time 12/16/2008
189. Here I Am Again 12/16/2008
190. In Orbit 12/17/2008
191. It's Not Possible 12/17/2008
192. Hey I'M In Need Of A Rainbow 12/17/2008
193. Some More Blessings 12/17/2008
194. This Glad Day 12/17/2008
195. Who Am I 12/17/2008
196. Trellis Of Love 12/17/2008
197. Seems Of Life 12/18/2008
198. Through A Hollow Tunnel Of Dreams -Living A Lie 12/18/2008
199. From Your Window View 12/18/2008
200. Night Sounds 12/18/2008

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Sir, I Hope You Are Well

I hope you are well
And perhaps racing in the wind,
Or sailing on a sea with gentle winds,
Or maybe basking in the sun on some beautiful shore.

I hope you had a day of bliss,
Laughing with a friend who just hugged you and held your hand
Or perhaps was awed by your smile or that look in your eyes..

I hope your day overflowed with sunshine and sun beams
Tickled your nose or kissed the nose of someone you love
And together you did cart wheels or wrote some silly poem
Alternating the lines of love.

Oh, I hope someone sang ...

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Mistaken Identity

I thought it was the wind
Roaring like a lion
Dressed in golden helmet
With goggled eyes
Silvered streaked body
Glimmering in the spot light
Of morning sun...
Until it...fast moving thing...
Braked to a halt at the red light
And I saw it was you
And your Honda
Travelling south!

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