A Poet Who Loves To Sing ....AlvesHolmes

A Poet Who Loves To Sing ....AlvesHolmes Poems

201. The Mechanical Me 12/18/2008
202. Stop - Look - Listen 12/18/2008
203. Dress Rehersal 12/18/2008
204. Elements Of Love 12/18/2008
205. You Say 12/16/2008
206. Don'T Cry (Count The Blessings You Forgot) 12/16/2008
207. Percentages (Save 10% For Yourself) 12/16/2008
208. Life Goes On 12/16/2008
209. Holding On By My Finger Tips 12/16/2008
210. Shadows 12/16/2008
211. Nocturne 12/16/2008
212. Word Games 12/16/2008
213. You Laughed In My Face 12/17/2008
214. Reward Of True Love 12/17/2008
215. She Was Cool Baby 12/17/2008
216. Haiku Serenity Dwells 12/18/2008
217. Haiku Arc Of A Rainbow 12/18/2008
218. What Does It Matter 12/18/2008
219. Struggling To Escape 12/18/2008
220. Pot At End Of Rainbow 12/18/2008
221. I Asked For Roses 12/19/2008
222. Unity 12/19/2008
223. In Flight 12/19/2008
224. Creator Of Fantasies 12/19/2008
225. Tuning In Weaa Fm 12/19/2008
226. What Happened To Her 12/19/2008
227. Sea Of Sorrow 12/20/2008
228. Poetry In Motion Somewhere In Paris 12/16/2008
229. Court Jester For The Crowd 12/18/2008
230. How Did Your Day Go (Responses Wanted) All In Fun 12/20/2008
231. For Keith...Who Met His Demise Too Early 12/20/2008
232. Polling Daisies 12/20/2008
233. The Trees I See 12/20/2008
234. Scattered Pieces Of Herself 12/20/2008
235. Let The Music Play Allen Houser On Trumpet 12/20/2008
236. Reality Check 12/20/2008
237. Haiku Young Seal 12/20/2008
238. I Thought You Ought To Know 12/20/2008
239. Hark...Listen To Those Noise Makers 12/20/2008
240. Haiku Double Dare You 12/21/2008

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Sir, I Hope You Are Well

I hope you are well
And perhaps racing in the wind,
Or sailing on a sea with gentle winds,
Or maybe basking in the sun on some beautiful shore.

I hope you had a day of bliss,
Laughing with a friend who just hugged you and held your hand
Or perhaps was awed by your smile or that look in your eyes..

I hope your day overflowed with sunshine and sun beams
Tickled your nose or kissed the nose of someone you love
And together you did cart wheels or wrote some silly poem
Alternating the lines of love.

Oh, I hope someone sang ...

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I looked for you
At the end of the rainbow
Where it is said all beauty lies.
I looked for you
In green fields where wild
Flowers bloom.
I looked for your face
In the clear waters
Of a passing stream...

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