A Waltz For Zizi

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A Waltz For Zizi Poems

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382. *the Best Way To Make Love (1.01) 8/18/2014
383. I Have So Many Stories To Tell You 6/1/2014
Best Poem of A Waltz For Zizi

I Have So Many Stories To Tell You

Always looking back at you
from the other side of the street,
I never really forgot
how to love you.

Running after the same things,
I write to you on the bark of the trees
that bloom in the spring
in front of your house.

In the park, after you leave,
I sit alone on the bench you have rested
and mark the spot
with an X.

I take pictures of your footprints
and put them in frames on the walls of my room.
I walk behind you and inhale
the air that touches your lips.

I carry sandwiches with me, that I eat
at the same time with you,...

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A Hard Hard Night

The lions
they do not sleep at night
because they need to see you cry
to make you fall in mud and dirt
they need to hear you swear their names
to hit you more and more and more

you do not die but hell you cry
the pain is there and never gone

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