A Waltz For Zizi

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A Waltz For Zizi Poems

81. And If Sometime, She.. 2/21/2013
82. A Useless Thing, To Wish For Such 2/21/2013
83. Across All Hells, And Heavens Too 2/21/2013
84. And I Shall Chain All Angels To The Ground 2/22/2013
85. Give Me A Sharp Sword, And I Shall Bring You 2/22/2013
86. Oh, And They Were So Scared Of Her! 2/23/2013
87. And With Gold Words Engraved 2/23/2013
88. Since I Sleep With Lips Untouched 2/23/2013
89. Behind Those Clouds, A Star That Loves Me More 2/26/2013
90. 'You'Re Not Dead Yet! ' ' You'Re Not Dead Yet! ' 2/27/2013
91. I'D Rather Live Than Die 2/28/2013
92. The King That Fishes Fires 2/28/2013
93. It's Grieving Time, So Have A Plate 3/1/2013
94. Trying To Do A God's Job 3/4/2013
95. Reasons To Die, Searching For One, Not To 3/5/2013
96. My Childish Collection Of Hearts (The First Letter) 3/11/2013
97. To The Woman That Managed To Decapitate My Heart 3/18/2013
98. There, The Stars Have Gold Painted Eyes 3/20/2013
99. There Is No Star Taller Than Her 3/22/2013
100. Those Green Painted Eyes, A Dream That Wasn'T Mine 3/24/2013
101. With Its Chandeliers, And Moon 3/26/2013
102. Until I Gain The Courage To Sleep 3/27/2013
103. Under The Proudest Flower, My Lifetime Of Kisses 3/28/2013
104. To Lean The Whole World Aside, Not To Touch Or Taste Her Kiss 3/29/2013
105. You'Ve Been Straying Your Kisses... But Where? 3/30/2013
106. When I Write You Poems 3/31/2013
107. A Woman, A Dream Last Night 4/1/2013
108. For A Freckled November Only 4/2/2013
109. Why Would I Beg For Love To You? 4/3/2013
110. What Did You Do With Your Heart? 4/7/2013
111. On A Ship Going To The Stars, Your Heart 4/9/2013
112. Read And Smile 4/9/2013
113. The Oldest Good Bye 4/10/2013
114. Dear November, 4/10/2013
115. A Word With My Pen 4/11/2013
116. Just An Old Farewell 4/15/2013
117. This Poem Will End It 4/17/2013
118. Should I Make My Poem Resemble A War 4/21/2013
119. How Much.. 4/22/2013
120. Forever, Farewell! 4/24/2013

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I Have So Many Stories To Tell You

Always looking back at you
from the other side of the street,
I never really forgot
how to love you.

Running after the same things,
I write to you on the bark of the trees
that bloom in the spring
in front of your house.

In the park, after you leave,
I sit alone on the bench you have rested
and mark the spot
with an X.

I take pictures of your footprints
and put them in frames on the walls of my room.
I walk behind you and inhale
the air that touches your lips.

I carry sandwiches with me, that I eat
at the same time with you,...

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These Angels

Angels feed on her blood
and they grow white wings.
They drink some more
and they grow another set of wings.
They never get enough.
They never smile.
They never leave.
No one belives
that angels
feed on her blood,
no one but me.

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