A Waltz For Zizi

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A Waltz For Zizi Poems

321. The Horizon Of A Simple Life. 8/4/2016
322. A Conversation Of Colors 8/5/2016
323. Idea Of Love 8/6/2016
324. The Violence Of Love 8/7/2016
325. A Headache In Full Bloom 8/13/2016
326. The Night That Touches My Cheek 8/20/2016
327. I Speak Of You 8/23/2016
328. Only Of Her #6 8/27/2016
329. About My Poems 8/28/2016
330. Only Of Her #7 9/2/2016
331. The Kind Muse 9/5/2016
332. You 9/8/2016
333. The Smile 5/23/2014
334. Just That 9/4/2014
335. The City 12/5/2014
336. I Write, That's My Sin 12/5/2014
337. The Only Man 12/23/2014
338. Goodbye In Winter 7/10/2016
339. Better Than Snow 7/10/2016
340. Absurdities Of Love.. 7/19/2016
341. Words That Got Lost By Staring At Your Lips. 7/24/2016
342. Echo The Famous November 9/20/2016
343. Only Of Her #8 9/27/2016
344. Freedom 10/14/2017
345. A Headache That Comes With Love #1 5/11/2014
346. *lovely Girl 4/25/2014
347. Drunk 1/2/2014
348. And You My Muse 10/17/2013
349. Candle Burning My Hands 7/6/2013
350. She's Not Crying Anymore 5/19/2013
351. The Cold Love 4/10/2013
352. Stranger, I Know Your Lips, And Your Lips Know Me 3/15/2013
353. A Martyr Of Fantasies 2/18/2013
354. A Clown's Christmas 12/24/2012
355. My Stories Of You (Chapter Nine) 11/27/2012
356. A Mea Zapada 11/3/2012
357. In A Hurry, Under A Gray Sky's Portentous Clouds 3/28/2013
358. Julia #1 7/29/2014
359. Smoke 12/5/2014
360. Whatever You Want 2.0 11/19/2014

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I Have So Many Stories To Tell You

Always looking back at you
from the other side of the street,
I never really forgot
how to love you.

Running after the same things,
I write to you on the bark of the trees
that bloom in the spring
in front of your house.

In the park, after you leave,
I sit alone on the bench you have rested
and mark the spot
with an X.

I take pictures of your footprints
and put them in frames on the walls of my room.
I walk behind you and inhale
the air that touches your lips.

I carry sandwiches with me, that I eat
at the same time with you,...

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A Message To My Juliet

You've shown me just how physically love can be,
and how lustfully a kiss should be.
Since then I have lost it all.
I lost my mind inside your heart,
I lost my soul inside your bed,
I lost my sanity in flames,
I lost my light,
inside the night.

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