Aabid Masroor

Veteran Poet - 1,634 Points (21/06/1992 / Kashmir)

Aabid Masroor Quotes

  • ''They say time is the best healer, what if time itself is diesease.''
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  • ''To conqure fear, you have to put yourself through worst.''
    Life is not easy job, it gives pain, on has to compromise with.
  • ''It can't be done without opposite, which plays important role in nature.''
    Bright days come after dark nights
  • ''SHE is good in making decisions.''
    Women makes better decisions as compared to men.
  • ''Parallel lines, you and me can't be mingled, however we can twist the option.''
    When there is no option, twist the option.
  • ''They say 'Today is womens day today', my religion say every day is womens day.''
    Status and respect of women in given in islam, Holy Quran has one chapter which is talking about status of women in islam...surah al nisa
  • ''Nothing is parmenent except change, times and tides, heads and hearts do change, how about the prority that is product of head and heart.''
    Prority is somthing that comes from mind and heart, it does not change with time.

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Best Poem of Aabid Masroor

Take A Look In The Mirror

Take a look in the mirror
Into your memories, Into your thoughts
Into your present, Into your past
Somehow I am there awake
Forgotten-But you know him well
As moon knows to gloom
As spring knows to bloom

Take a look in the mirror
For your beauty to make
Eyes and brows and arrows
And smile-would had took him long
I know not-All that I know her voice
As smiling water falling down
As crystal stream wearing crown

Take a look in the mirror
Your past is but a silver coating
Painted to the same mirror
Reflecting me in front of
Break it or ...

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Love Song

Sometimes, long somehow
Near the flowing river, bend so wide
Curves behind the tree that grow upon
That bank to touch the smooth love currents
In the calm full moon light and let
Her come to me, somehow

In my fairyland, where I shall grow old with you let
Her come to me, somehow

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