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hey its kellie^_^! ! ! haha, well anyways im gonna talk bout my boyfriend AARON...
this guy is super amazing, he's the greatest bestest friend and boyfriend u could ever ask for, n a truly one of a kind. he puts a smile on my face n can make me laugh so hard everytime we're together XD oh my gosh he can be really random sometimes n can talk for hours: D hes always there for me and when im with him i feel like nothings impossibleXD well i love being in his arms n never wanting to let go! ! the 1st time we spoke he told me 'don't get a boyfriend' but knowing me i can't help but do the opposite; D haha, we've been going out ever since 10/21/09 n im sooo happy tat hes my boyfriend n my bestest friend! ! ! ! - (Love, your lil angel)

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