Aarzoo Mehek Biography

I developed a penchant interest in literature when I was seventeen. English, Hindi and Urdu are the languages I write in.
My work has appeared in Narrow Road, Poetry Hunter and in scores of English, Hindi and Urdu journals and newspapers along with a few anthologies.
My poems have also been broadcast by the BBC Radio.
I'm known to be an empathetic person. Being so sensitive, I feel the joys and pain of others as if they are my own. My writings are the outcome of every suppressed emotion that I collide in my everyday life.
I derive my strength to continue writing from the faith and love for god.
I believe that He is the one who continues to inspire me with the ability to express with a fervent voice.
Over the years, I've been associated with various poetry forums and has read in many occasions.
I'm working on my bilingual debut book of poetry.

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