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As u can see and read what I like in my profile so that is partly what i am. However, don't judge a book by its cover. I maybe freaky at times and quiet too. Erm.. freaky and quiet does makes a scary and creepy combination. At times, I just start to crap jokes that most of the time makes people laugh(depends who I am with) . Anyway I always like to wonder and contradic myself so much so that I end up confusing myself. See.. i think I also makes people around me confuse. Couple of times, I don't get my facts right thus i get bombarded my people online. I see myself without emotion.. I follow my surroundings and the people who are in it..example: If you are a crazy person, I'll be crazy too. Anyway who and what i am.. i can't tell anyone coz i might see myself differently and other might see it another way. SO.., I guess U have to know me and U think what and who i am by your own judgments which is base on your value and experi.
Drawing Watching videos and Movie Reading Psychology Music
Snobish poeple...(If I see one, naturally I'll be snob to them...) Unkind and people who treats other like shit.. (I; m facing wif these ppl..lately I think I'm turning into one of those ppl..help~~_ can anyone purify me...)
Favorite Music
Rock, Metal, VIsual Kei music, classical, Intrumental, Pop, Mellow, Depressing music, Light and easy music, Opera, POP opeara and many more

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The Night Avacates......

The night avocates me from my duties,
I sit in the darken room, staring at the moon.
My imaginations takes on a journey into the unknown
A world that is ever beautiful and happiness is all around.
I wonder if it a just a mirth, dream that I needed to escape the life I am living

The air I am breathing is so fresh and cooling
That my sorethroat cures itself wif just a grasp of the air
Ahh my minds fall into a deep slumber while my eyes wide awake

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