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41. Angel Island 9/25/2012
42. Hospital 9/25/2012
43. Suicide Note 10/29/2012
44. Lies Build 10/29/2012
45. What Kind Of Guy? 11/12/2012
46. Veterans 11/12/2012
47. Cuts 11/12/2012
48. Knock Me Down 11/22/2012
49. Watching 3/15/2014
50. Forces 7/5/2012
51. Another Day 7/5/2012
52. Left Be 7/5/2012
53. My Soul 4/15/2012
54. Cute 4/15/2012
55. Miscarriage 4/15/2012
56. You Knock Me Off My Feet 11/24/2011
57. Death Penalty 7/5/2012
58. Gone 12/1/2011
59. Cancer 2/1/2012
60. Love 11/23/2011
61. My Holocaust 7/3/2012
62. Car Crash 7/5/2012

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Car Crash

I close my eyes
And it pops in my head
Now im wishing i was dead
For all i hear is hold on
Whike the white flys far
I cant think or breath
I cant even move my feet

The pain shoots through me
While my organs bleed
I guess you never know
When im going to leave
Now i no longer want to sleep

For as far as i can see
You already did the dirty deed
Now im stuck right here
In the pain of this day

Police lights
Oil leaks
I guess its a surprise
That we are even alive.

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The End

For a smoke
I let his hands stroke
Over my body
He hovered
But then he was in
And my head went for a spin
I begged and pled
Until i bleed
He worked as hard as he could

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