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42. Hospital 9/25/2012
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56. You Knock Me Off My Feet 11/24/2011
57. Death Penalty 7/5/2012
58. Gone 12/1/2011
59. Cancer 2/1/2012
60. Love 11/23/2011
61. My Holocaust 7/3/2012
62. Car Crash 7/5/2012
Best Poem of Abby Rose

Car Crash

I close my eyes
And it pops in my head
Now im wishing i was dead
For all i hear is hold on
Whike the white flys far
I cant think or breath
I cant even move my feet

The pain shoots through me
While my organs bleed
I guess you never know
When im going to leave
Now i no longer want to sleep

For as far as i can see
You already did the dirty deed
Now im stuck right here
In the pain of this day

Police lights
Oil leaks
I guess its a surprise
That we are even alive.

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Better Tomorrow

Hold in your pain
until your far away
then let it rain
down your face
you let it fall
so cry in the corner
and fall to your knees
then pray for a better tomorrow.

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