Abby Wesson

Biography of Abby Wesson

poetry and art all the only controls i have over my anger. what you read... well deal with it. its raw, get over it. its for angry, sexual, happy, sorrowful emotion. i dont care if you like it. thats simply not its purpose.
if you like it thanks if you dont, fuck off.


dont be confused by my name. rebecca wire is an alias but ive stopped pretending. my real name is abby wesson, hi. these are my real emotions and i dont feel like hiding them any longer so deal. Updates

A Damn

beaten and battered my hands hold tight
a silent stare and a harsh bright light
open dress that breezes throughout
a fight for sanity, a nurse's sweet doubt
bloodshot eyes with secrets held within
ruptured veins let the sickness begin
belts and buckles control strength and will
for the battle im suppressing is making me ill
comfort in medicine, such a tricky lie

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