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Abdul Karim Poems

201. Great Men Have Love, 6/4/2009
202. Be Blessed In Your Eyes, 6/4/2009
203. Life Is Not Hard With Brains, 6/4/2009
204. Mankind Is On A Journey, 6/4/2009
205. Trouble's Never End, 6/6/2009
206. You Are Seen, 6/8/2009
207. Blessed Upon Mankind, 6/8/2009
208. I Feel The Agony, 6/9/2009
209. The Bread Is Heavenly, 6/10/2009
210. The Future Of Humanity Is In Your Hands, 6/13/2009
211. I Find Value, 6/19/2009
212. Iam In Love, 6/29/2009
213. Meaningful Event, 6/29/2009
214. God Will Never Be Unjust, 6/29/2009
215. Prayers, 6/29/2009
216. Iam Lovable, 6/30/2009
217. When You Are With Me, 6/30/2009
218. Listen To The Sounds Of Love, 7/2/2009
219. If Iam Lonely, 7/3/2009
220. The Movement Is Our's, 7/4/2009
221. Life, 7/4/2009
222. No Giving Up On Good, 7/6/2009
223. You Are The Remedy, 7/8/2009
224. You Gave Me Redemption Again, 6/6/2009
225. So Much Trouble In The World, 6/6/2009
226. The Greatest Men On Earth, 6/6/2009
227. Take Hope In Your Hands, 6/6/2009
228. The World Is Hot, 6/6/2009
229. Great Is The Understanding, 6/6/2009
230. Move On And On, 6/7/2009
231. Destruction More, 6/7/2009
232. The Movement, 6/7/2009
233. Where Iam, 6/7/2009
234. Iam Not Lonely Anymore, 7/18/2009
235. Redeem Me, 7/18/2009
236. We Made It Again, 7/18/2009
237. Teach Me Life, 7/18/2009
238. The Journey Is Very Long, 7/18/2009
239. There Is A Healing, 7/18/2009
240. Iam Not In Agony Anymore, 7/18/2009

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  • Joyce Lee (6/3/2009 8:01:00 PM)

    OMG what a relief, after reading your poem it gave me a big relief, this is excellent, thank you for writig it.

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Best Poem of Abdul Karim

Define Life,

Define Life,
Define Life by periods of Grace,
I can see my moment of Glory,
Await and see the Image a Flow,
Hold on the Image of Beauty,
Where Iam,
I can see the Foundation,
Where the Human Heart will see the Blessing,
There is no Room for Conjecture's,
Where I see Timing hast the Movement,
The meaning came all Clear,
We can see more with the Kingdom of that Composure,
Iam for this House of Hopes,
Where Death hast no Place in that Higher Love,
God is Love,
Let His Kingdom come to see the Spiritual Existence of His Knowledge.

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You May Be Carrying Me,

You may be carrying me,
You may be carrying me,
With all my barbarism,
Iam seeing time carrying man's breathe,
In all timing's,
You may be riding me through all man's unappreciated love's heaven,
Twixt with hatred,
I find all nature's bound to slavery and felonies.

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