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I am a young male just trying to express my thoughts on life and love, i left school when i was 13 so if my literature is not up to scratch i apologize in advance.

I have just started writing poems in the past month, the main reason i have started writing poetry is mainly down to me coming back to my motherland (Bangladesh) it opened up my eyes in a lot ways..

i used to be a singer/rapper in the past and used to write a lot of songs a few years ago but i just one day decided to stop and over the past few years i have experienced huge writers block and found it extremely difficult to even put a sentence together..
Me coming to Bangladesh now i find it so much easier to express my thoughts and hopefully i can keep updating my profile with more poems..

my writing style is all about expressing the thoughts on the modern government, people of today and Love...

I am a very passionate male and due to the music industry of today passion is not valued, the only thing that is valued is how much you are willing to sell your soul and corrupt a system that is corrupt enough..

due to that i decided not to try a pursue a career in music but try and write poems for people to read and hopefully see some sense.

if you would like to know more about me please msg me and i will answer..

Please rate/comment freely and all opinions are welcome, positive or negative.

Thank You Very Much.

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Love Me For Who I Am

Love is stress
Love is pain
Love can cause regrets
Love can make a person change

Once you fall in love you will always mant more
Be carfeful my people its not just women that gets classified a wh*re
Love now is a just word for 'let me get into your knickers'
There is even friends betting 'i bet i can get in there quicker'

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