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361. <≪≪≪≪≪ Sensitivity 6/16/2014
362. <≪≪≪≪≪≪Twist And Turn 6/20/2014
363. <≪≪≪≪≪, , , Hope 7/10/2014
364. <≪≪≪≪Hope 7/13/2014
365. <≪≪≪≪My Mother Land 7/10/2014
366. <<<<<ওগো বিদেশিনী 7/19/2014
367. <≪≪≪Bangla 7/17/2014
368. <≪≪≪Blind Man At Dusk 7/7/2014
369. <≪≪≪Buffalo's Logic 7/15/2014
370. <≪≪≪Dear Father 7/10/2014
371. <≪≪≪Tell Me, Tell Me 7/14/2014
372. <≪≪≪Twist And Turn 7/10/2014
373. <≪≪≪Who Call Whom What 5/25/2014
374. <<<<উচ্চতা 7/19/2014
375. <<<<ফুলো ফুলো 7/21/2014
376. <≪≪, , , , , Revenge 7/10/2014
377. <≪≪Act Of Embellishing 7/10/2014
378. <≪≪Breaking News 7/17/2014
379. <≪≪Desolate Dawn 5/23/2014
380. <≪≪Friendship 4/6/2015
381. <≪≪Indulgence 7/10/2014
382. <≪≪Tectical Neutrality 7/14/2014
383. <<<ভারতবাসী 7/21/2014
384. <≪Civilization 6/19/2014
385. <≪Restoration Of Peace 12/5/2014
386. <<উন্নতি 7/17/2014
387. <<সূর্য (Translation Given) 7/19/2014
388. ***key (Unique Poem) 11/4/2012
389. ***lei 11/4/2012
390. ***me (Two) (Popular Poetry) 10/25/2012
391. ***mind Your Indulgence (Popular Poetry) 10/31/2012
392. ***my Baby 10/30/2012
393. ***relish Your Dinner (A Reverse Etheree And An Anti-War Poem) 8/23/2012
394. ***river 11/3/2012
395. ***storm (Popular Poetry) 10/29/2012
396. ***the Food Of Termites 11/12/2012
397. ***the Night Carrying Hundred Hills (Popular Poetry) 11/2/2012
398. ***two Houses 11/10/2012
399. ***wealth And Weapon 11/3/2012
400. **anti-Rule 8/18/2012

Comments about Abdul Wahab

  • Wahab Abdul Wahab Abdul (1/10/2014 2:06:00 PM)

    Comments on your poem'' I Am Dead And That Is Too Quite Long Before''
    Commented on 1/10/2014 12: 11: 00 PM by Syam Madappattu

    A question on one's self..dual perception..rendered in the simplest language..I LIKE THIS POEM..

    2 person liked.
    1 person did not like.
  • Wahab Abdul Wahab Abdul (1/9/2014 10:00:00 PM)

    well done, keep sharing (on poem Fire)

    Anna Laurencio21 minutes ago
    well done, keep sharing
    Relentlessly it keeps the hearth burning
    Without consuming my flesh or bones
    At the core it burns
    On the blood of my all in- capabilities

  • Wahab Abdul Wahab Abdul (1/9/2014 9:54:00 PM)

    An Impressive Look (on poem fire)

    Brian Duran4 minutes ago
    This piece takes an interesting look at a common frustration using an uncommon metaphor. Quite excellent in my opinion.

  • Wahab Abdul Wahab Abdul (1/7/2014 1:03:00 PM)

    Comments on your poem ''Spelling''
    Commented on 1/7/2014 8: 52: 00 AM by Sara Kendrick

    Great work..The work itself cast a spell of wonder..Sara

  • Wahab Abdul Wahab Abdul (12/31/2013 6:29:00 AM)

    Jessica Rust (United Kingdom ;)
    Wahab Abdul
    Date Time:
    10/15/2013 1: 32: 00 PM (GMT -6: 00)
    Poem Information


    My name is Jessica Rust Im currently studying in London a Creative Digital Media course for one of our projects was I given your poem 'My book of my life' to research I was wondering if I would be able to ask you a few questions..

    1. How you got into poetry
    2. When, where and why was My Book of My Life written?
    3. How did this poem make you feel?

    Thank you

    Kind Regards

  • Wahab Abdul Wahab Abdul (12/31/2013 2:36:00 AM)

    thank you very much, Geetha Jayakumar, fr yr excellent comment on me as a poet...love it

  • Geetha Jayakumar Geetha Jayakumar (12/30/2013 1:34:00 PM)

    Poet Abdul Wahab,
    One of the most talented and gifted poet.
    His each poems are unique in its own way.
    His poems flows freely on any topics and are very pleasant to read.
    Its really an amazing gift you are blessed with.
    May you keep on contributing many valuable poems to the poetic world.
    Wishing you all the best.
    God Bless you!
    Congratulations! On Dec 30,2013 today you have attained #456 among the top 500 poets in PH.
    Thank You!

  • Wahab Abdul Wahab Abdul (12/30/2013 12:50:00 AM)

    Comments on your poem '' man is no angel''
    Commented on 12/30/2013 12: 00: 00 AM by Donald J Bennett

    I have read several of your works this evening and throughout you display wisdom seldom seen. I have enjoyed my time with you.

  • Wahab Abdul Wahab Abdul (12/29/2013 9:25:00 AM)

    Comments on your poem ''my pleasure''
    Commented on 12/29/2013 7: 44: 00 AM by Anne Lise Andresen

    - Nice to read, wahab! - well written - HAPPY NEW YEAR! - oxox // Anne-Lise :)

  • Wahab Abdul Wahab Abdul (12/29/2013 3:33:00 AM)

    Jeff Cannon- - - - - - on poem '' MY PLEASURE - - - - potent and stirring journey into claiming one's self, finding one's humanness underneath so many labels, clarifications, declensions of being. Then as if that is not enough, claim the consequence of that information, knowledge, body wisdom so as live in the expanding and ever widening landscapes of so many socially worlds likewise calibrated to accept or reject one by its volume of definitions. An ongoing pilgrimage inward and outward until we die not from exhaustion but merely from the last tick of our clock time here as earth creature co-inhabitor of unconditionally gifted wonder - thanks for this poem Abdul Wahab

Best Poem of Abdul Wahab

>≫≫I Want To Die

Heavenly cursed and heavily sinned I
No more i like to add them, so, I want to die
And I want to become a holy ghost
Whom the people would like the most.
Like the retreating soldiers I like to come back
To my own permanent and eternal home
You may call it a suicide or martyrdom.

In my real home I see the news
Coming from the lipstick coated lips
In the television of my molten death
People are sobbing with a heavy breath.
The atmosphere is heavy and they feel the pain
This thrills me and gives a feeling of gain.

The only son of my ...

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The Holy Hymn

I beg to thee
I pray to thee.
The most gracious, the most merciful,
The most pious, the most beautiful.
I seek to thee
I heed to thee.
The most sustainer, the most cherisher
The most preserver, the most destroyer.
The owner of the worlds

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