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Abdul Wahab Poems

1321. Melbourne Weather 8/5/2013
1322. I Am A Drop Of Dew 8/7/2013
1323. Co-Incidence (Tanka) 8/25/2013
1324. Welcome Again 8/24/2013
1325. Secret Meaning Of Life 8/21/2013
1326. Serious 8/13/2013
1327. Detorioration (Indian Context) 6/18/2013
1328. Garden Of Love And Beauty 6/23/2013
1329. Your Reaction 6/9/2013
1330. I Take Your Face And Meditate 6/13/2013
1331. Flight Of A Caterpillar 8/6/2013
1332. >Reality Of Reality 8/3/2013
1333. ''Death'' 6/6/2013
1334. One Box Of Love 6/7/2013
1335. An Observation 6/8/2013
1336. What Is Wonder? 6/4/2013
1337. Face And Soul 5/30/2013
1338. Death (Haiku) 6/5/2013
1339. A Reflection 6/8/2013
1340. Woman 5/30/2013
1341. So Close So Far 6/24/2013
1342. How I Bleed And Live! 6/24/2013
1343. How Inside I Cry! 6/24/2013
1344. Vital Matter 6/21/2013
1345. Tears Ii 6/23/2013
1346. Sentiments 6/15/2013
1347. Forgetfulness 6/11/2013
1348. All Alone 7/24/2013
1349. Death Virus 7/18/2013
1350. Passionate Night 7/20/2013
1351. Wood Cutter 7/17/2013
1352. I Am Dead 7/18/2013
1353. Have I Lost The Meaning Of Life Without My Love? 7/17/2013
1354. Friend Or Foe? 7/7/2013
1355. The Pang Of The Middle Class 7/13/2013
1356. Bye For Now, No More Words 7/9/2013
1357. I Know What Is It 7/9/2013
1358. Maturity 7/10/2013
1359. A War In You 7/10/2013
1360. A Tree In Winter 7/10/2013

Comments about Abdul Wahab

  • Harindhar Reddy (2/2/2012 12:18:00 PM)

    Bingo! I feel great that I tam the first one to comment him as a poet in www.poemhunter.com! I hope many more poets comment his poetry.
    I like your poem Butter Fly! Hop! Hop! My heart flew like kite when read that poem which is a sweet lyric!
    One hand went to congratulate the poet for writing nice poems and another hand went to congratulate poetry for get one writer of rare quality.
    I like way he picks the topics. You have spark with you to give light with your poetry from this dark world with single Agenda to earn money at the cost of humanity.

    Let me hark one more time I love poems of Wahabji with any doubt of Iota! I proud to be his fellow writer! I rate him A1 poet in writing poems on current situations. Hats off!

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    3 person did not like.
Best Poem of Abdul Wahab

>≫≫I Want To Die

Heavenly cursed and heavily sinned I
No more i like to add them, so, I want to die
And I want to become a holy ghost
Whom the people would like the most.
Like the retreating soldiers I like to come back
To my own permanent and eternal home
You may call it a suicide or martyrdom.

In my real home I see the news
Coming from the lipstick coated lips
In the television of my molten death
People are sobbing with a heavy breath.
The atmosphere is heavy and they feel the pain
This thrills me and gives a feeling of gain.

The only son of my ...

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A lot of praise and admiration I got when I was full of innocence
Now, I am under crook clumsy seductive adolescence.
Keeping head straight, running life difficult a lot
Sensing the senses makes me a bewildered pot.
Unknown pricks me, the soul is heavy and restless
The world appearing suffocated ruthless.
Sentiment creeps in, around hard blowing the wind.
I do not know how to cool and keep quiet my mind.

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