Abdul Wahab

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Abdul Wahab Poems

1481. Will You? 7/7/2013
1482. Semblance Of Superiority 7/11/2013
1483. A Prank 7/11/2013
1484. I Am In Love Ii 7/2/2013
1485. I Am Tired Acting Like Him 7/7/2013
1486. Mind And Intellect (Dickinson-Style) 7/10/2013
1487. A Most Diaphanous Seed 7/16/2013
1488. In Your Lap 7/19/2013
1489. Unique Song 7/20/2013
1490. Paradox Ha Ha! 6/2/2013
1491. Since Then I Have Not Slept Well 8/6/2013
1492. Two Reasons. 8/15/2013
1493. Birth Of A Poem 7/31/2013
1494. How My Poems Born 7/31/2013
1495. How Long Is The Wait For A New Dawn 7/31/2013
1496. Discovering Ghost 6/15/2013
1497. A Caveat 7/29/2013
1498. Awkward Reality 7/30/2013
1499. Ask Me Not For Knowledge 7/29/2013
1500. The Eventful Night 6/4/2013
1501. Lazarus 8/2/2013
1502. We Are All Kings Minus A Kingdom 4/22/2012
1503. Song Of Life 5/8/2012
1504. How Do I Die The Unnatural Death! 4/8/2012
1505. What Is The Use Of Saying! 4/7/2012
1506. Whom Do You Want To Sit With? 4/8/2012
1507. Let Your Youth Be Oxygen 4/5/2012
1508. Love My Freedom To Love You 4/5/2012
1509. Love Can Hang You Up! 4/5/2012
1510. The Story Is Long! 4/5/2012
1511. Bitterly Crying! (A Senryu) 4/6/2012
1512. Talent Fights Talent, Ego Fights Ego 4/6/2012
1513. Proggramed Poems! 4/6/2012
1514. Pain In A Bud (A Senryu) 4/6/2012
1515. How Much How Long Pain! (A Haiku) 3/20/2012
1516. Till I Feel To Till I Faint! (An Alternative Haiku) 3/20/2012
1517. The Wild Bee (A Haiku) 3/20/2012
1518. The Full Bright Moon (A Haiku) 3/20/2012
1519. Poverty Crone (A Haiku) 3/21/2012
1520. Where Sin Multiplies 3/30/2012

Comments about Abdul Wahab

  • Harindhar Reddy (2/2/2012 12:18:00 PM)

    Bingo! I feel great that I tam the first one to comment him as a poet in www.poemhunter.com! I hope many more poets comment his poetry.
    I like your poem Butter Fly! Hop! Hop! My heart flew like kite when read that poem which is a sweet lyric!
    One hand went to congratulate the poet for writing nice poems and another hand went to congratulate poetry for get one writer of rare quality.
    I like way he picks the topics. You have spark with you to give light with your poetry from this dark world with single Agenda to earn money at the cost of humanity.

    Let me hark one more time I love poems of Wahabji with any doubt of Iota! I proud to be his fellow writer! I rate him A1 poet in writing poems on current situations. Hats off!

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    3 person did not like.
Best Poem of Abdul Wahab

>≫≫I Want To Die

Heavenly cursed and heavily sinned I
No more i like to add them, so, I want to die
And I want to become a holy ghost
Whom the people would like the most.
Like the retreating soldiers I like to come back
To my own permanent and eternal home
You may call it a suicide or martyrdom.

In my real home I see the news
Coming from the lipstick coated lips
In the television of my molten death
People are sobbing with a heavy breath.
The atmosphere is heavy and they feel the pain
This thrills me and gives a feeling of gain.

The only son of my ...

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Palm Fibre

May the hands of Abu Lahab be ruined
He will lose all whatever he gained
He will be in the flaming fire,
So, his wife the fuel carrier,
Around her neck a twisted cord of palm fibre.

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