Abdulhafeez Oyewole

Rookie [Princehto] (Nigeria)

Abdulhafeez Oyewole Poems

1. Journalist On His Source 3/4/2013
2. Like Gold Dust 3/4/2013
3. A Bid For Change 3/4/2013
4. Actual Evaluation Time 3/4/2013
5. Gooseberry 3/8/2013
6. So Be It 3/8/2013
7. At You 3/8/2013
8. Thy Say 3/8/2013
9. Spin Of Time 2/19/2014
10. Once Upon A Time 2/19/2014
11. Once Upon A Time Ii 2/19/2014
12. Forget Naught 2/19/2014
13. Flawless You 2/19/2014
14. Singing Song 2/19/2014
15. Of Rhythm 2/19/2014
16. Sans Servile- Tanka 2/19/2014
17. Who Said Can'T- In Constanza 2/19/2014
18. Love Is 2/19/2014
19. Have A Say 2/19/2014
20. De Andy Lee 2/19/2014
21. A True Friend To Me 2/19/2014
22. Ask The Wise 6/28/2014
23. Threshold(S) Hail Thee 7/4/2014
24. Tit''Tle 2/19/2014
Best Poem of Abdulhafeez Oyewole



Tittle tattle tales rattle.
Cabalistic cabals in cans:
Malicious mélange of melees.
Mummers murmur, mumchance mumble.
Mummichog: the perfidious Fundulus heteroclitus-
For this parlance is pestilence:
For your words, for their words,
For your walls, for their walls.
But for their worlds, for your worth.

Malicious mischief shrouds in mesmerism,
Whilst her malignity molds she forgot unfold.
But the morbid medalled she, instead to merge,
Maintains calumnies, which not calmative in anyway.
Mummichog: the perfidious ...

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Journalist On His Source

Loyalty is the parlance journalist undergoes
Brevity is the wit of his confessors
Giant standing on the truth is his call
Brilliant role is the course he is groomed to play
He is not permitted to jail, at any cost
Even, of his life and property.
Engineer of his pen are people
Without them, he has no ink
Though, he is tutored to the course

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