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53. What Next Then 7/25/2013
54. What's Bad For The Goose 2/20/2013
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A Perfect Night

A walk through the night
Before it gives birth to her own day
Just the night
Just me in the night
And few stars adorning her in her darkness.

My thoughts run far and wide
Shall I live alone in this lonely night?
My heart craves for a company.
And in the night I see light.
A full moon.
With a beautiful shining face in the darkness.

How shall I describe thee? .
One of a kind.
Seen once in a blue moon.
Wonderfully made.
A knight in the night.
Even birds serenade thee.
Exalted is your smile.
That lights up a weary mind.

I'm ...

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How To Kill A Rat

A rat; an animal larger than a mouse
With large ears and pointed snout
A dangerous one
It lives in human habitation
Though survives in different adaptation

A rat, a faithful company
Lives with you and dines from you
Here and there

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