Abdulrazak Aralimatti

Abdulrazak Aralimatti Quotes

  • ''Life is a struggle till the last breath,
    And the struggle ends only with death.''
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  • ''Life is a trial of trials.''
  • ''The gifts of God lie in the cradle of endurance''
  • ''See the virtues in others and be virtuous.''
  • ''The past is a burden,
    The future is uncertain,
    The present is only the
  • ''Life is not what you have understood
    but what is yet to be understood.''

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Best Poem of Abdulrazak Aralimatti

In Search Of Integrity.

O! my self! poor self! ,
What do you crave for?
Don't you know?
The gifts of God lie,
In the cradle of endurance,
But you sail,
In the coffin of whims, O Abdulrazak.

O! my self! poor self! ,
What are you proud of?
Don't you know?
That pride has a fall,
And shame follows fame,
But you exalt self,
In the coffin of pride, O Abdulrazak.

O! my self! poor self!
What do you beautify?
Don't you know?
That time takes away,
And the body turns ugly,
But you beautify,
In the coffin of masks, O Abdulrazak.

O! my ...

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Your Day

In the name of God, start your day,
Neat and tidy mark your way.
Melodiously utter your words,
Like the chirping of birds.

Uprightly perform your duty,
In it lies your beauty.
Straightforwardly refuse the wrong,
Being brave and headstrong,

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