Abhay Vignesh Liginlal

Abhay Vignesh Liginlal Poems

41. Rubbish In Rhyme 11/19/2010
42. Eyes Of A Bard 12/12/2010
43. Rhyme In Vain 1/6/2011
44. Love Of Ekalavya, The Poet 1/30/2010
45. Paradise Of Love 2/3/2010
46. Three Eyed Mercy 3/1/2011
47. Oblivion 3/10/2011
48. Hands Of Oblivion 3/10/2011
49. Colours Of Life 3/11/2011
50. Let My Poem Not Die 3/12/2011
51. Taj Mahal 4/11/2011
52. My Friend Mithuns Bullet 6/30/2011
53. 3 Eyed Mercy 3/15/2016
54. Each And Every Feeling About Love 1/30/2010
55. Paddy Field In My Dreams 1/30/2010
56. Dream Afar 1/13/2011
57. Special Friend 1/30/2010
58. Dream In A Loveless Life 2/3/2010
59. Suicide Of A Poet 2/3/2010
60. Stamp In Times Letter 6/30/2011
61. A Lover’s Optimism 1/31/2010
62. All But An Illusion 2/3/2010
63. The Bleeding Soul On A Looking Glass 2/21/2011
64. Therefore I'M Not A Poet 6/29/2011
65. A Poet's Revenge 1/31/2010
66. Kaleidoscope 3/10/2011
67. Bird In The Sky 1/30/2010
68. When Brotherhood Speaks 6/23/2011
69. Freedom In Prison 3/12/2011
70. Song Of Manhood 2/22/2011
71. Homecoming Of The Prodigal Flock 2/8/2012
72. Eternal Mirror 8/15/2013
73. Worlds Word & Death At Childbirth 9/17/2011
74. A Decree Of Forgotten Times 3/9/2011
75. 6th Sense 4/11/2011
76. Starring A Speck Of Light 7/15/2011
77. Before The Light Fades 1/29/2010
78. A Poets Love Letter 8/12/2009
79. Rebirth Of Radha (Reborn As Meerabhai The Singer, Kamala Das The Poet, -) 1/30/2010
80. Beauty In The Eye 3/1/2011

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Best Poem of Abhay Vignesh Liginlal

Beauty In The Eye

Flying into the sky of my dreams
From the cage of life
You perch on branches & fields
Dainty bird that you are
While I am a spellbound statue
Staring at the world that you are, forever;

A flute of reed vibrant
With the music that you are
In this world’s stage;

A stem with thorns
Decked with the rose that you are
In the garden of love;

A harp with strings
Played by the nymph that you are
In a heaven of symphony;

A dropp of dew
On the lotus that you are
In a river of feelings;

A flame of hope
On the lamp ...

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My Only Desire

My mind is flooded with thoughts regarding you
My heart is heavy with feelings about you
Every wave tries to tear us apart
Only selfless love strengthens my resolve against tidal attempts;

My eyes are dazed with love for just you
My ears are soothed by the music of your voice
Every effort is to wake me from this dream
Only sincere love sees me drink from the nectar of illogic;

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