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I have been writing some poems in Hindi for a while now.. the first ever poem was written by me when I was a student of Ninth standard at Kendriya Vidyalaya Port Blair..

The second poem was composed much later during my stay at Anand Bhavan.. Vigyaan ki Pooja hogi.. somewhere around 1985-1986..

My poems are available at my website at the following link..
http: //www.abhayasharma.net/kavitayen

I consistently try to keep the language as simple as is feasible without an impact on the intent of what I want to say..

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Netradaan - नेत्रदान

मेरे अंगोंसे अंग काटकर
कॊई जीवन पार लगा देना
मरने के बाद मेरे हमदम
जग का कल्याण करा देना

कॊई नेत्रहीन पा नेत्र मेरे
जब इस दुनिया को देखेगा
मेरे जाने के बाद मेरा
जीवन सार्थक हो जायेगा

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