Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha

Rookie (6th September,2012 / Mumbai, India)

Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha Poems

1. I Promise 3/4/2012
2. Desert Rose 4/30/2012
3. I Fall Down 5/5/2012
4. Window 8/15/2012
5. Alone... Somewhat 8/16/2012
6. Red, Green And Blue 10/8/2012
7. Samsung - An Acrostic 10/28/2012
8. A Sunday, When You Need It! 3/4/2012
9. Here I Am 3/4/2012
10. One Tiny Sorrow 3/4/2012
11. Q: 'Why Do We Call It Making Love? ' 3/4/2012
12. Nothing 7/5/2013
13. Thorns 4/26/2014
14. Humble 4/28/2014
15. Interwoven 4/29/2014
16. Supposedly 9/25/2013
17. I'Ll Wait 12/20/2012
18. Deep Impact 5/4/2013
19. 24 Hours Passed Now 3/4/2012
20. Addicted? - A Sonnet 10/28/2012
21. When Words Fail 3/4/2012
22. Identity Of I 3/4/2012

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Best Poem of Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha

Identity Of I

Identity is not what I promise others
Identity is what I do when I am alone
Identity is what I think of others
Knowing all the hatred they've shown

Identity is what every wound reminds me
Identity is what I learn and what I pass by
Identity is what I see in the mirror
After giving my best try

Identity is what I make out of my given chance
Identity is what I accept and what I deny
No one else has control over me
Life is about me, and what I identify

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24 Hours Passed Now

Any festival like this and your phone starts buzzing
As it would be right now
But will you be awaiting my message somehow?
Never planned to irritate you… Make you so blue
But today I missed someone… I hope you did too
24 hours passed now and not a word from your end
Shut up and keep quiet is the lesson to comprehend
Days which passed were truly amazing
But that time is now, only left for memorizing

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