Abina Baveghems

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Abina Baveghems Quotes

  • ''Through pain we understand the world, a person that has never felt pain has never lived.
    -Abina. M. Baveghems''
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  • ''You don't always fly after you fall, but there is always a possibility that you fall after you fly.''
    -Alyssa MiLano
  • ''There is no need to feel a poem you write, or write a poem from what you feel. Poetry is a getaway from your own emotions.''
    -Alyssa MiLano

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When I was six I saw my father for the first time
He wasn't there to watch me grow or teach me nursery rhymes,
I'm not complaining because my mother was a good teacher
Although sometimes she'd abuse and beat you,
I stopped counting the amount of men hat came in and out of her life
And god knows how many of them promised to make her their wife,
I was accused, abused, refused, misused, ill-treated
It left even me wondering why I was conceited,
The church never gave me even a little sat

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