Aboutaleb Toupa Esfandiari

Aboutaleb Toupa Esfandiari Poems

1. Suspensive Love 9/16/2013
2. Desperate Lover 6/14/2014
3. Doubt 6/21/2014
4. Translation Of A Poem By Khayyam 6/21/2014
5. Foolish Study 12/14/2014
6. Value Of Nature 12/17/2014
7. Child; A Fire 8/31/2015
8. Birth 8/31/2015
9. A Child's Birth 8/31/2015
10. Missing Flower 2/23/2016
11. Reformation Of The World 3/2/2016
12. Destiny 8/29/2016
13. The Letters Of The Sky 11/26/2016
14. A Translation یک ترجمه 7/5/2014
15. The Coming Of Wisdom With Time حصول معرفت به مرور زمان 7/17/2014
16. Crow, The Teacher Of Love 7/3/2014
17. Mistrust 8/30/2013
18. Cat Or Tiger? 6/16/2014
19. Gamble Of Love 12/24/2013
20. Changing The World 1/27/2014
21. Fun 5/3/2014
22. Translation Of A Poem By Edward Fitz Gerald ترجمه شعر ادوارد فیتز جرالد 12/11/2014
23. Translation Of A Poem By Baba Taher 6/21/2014

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Translation Of A Poem By Baba Taher

به قبرستان گذر کردم کمابیش
بدیدم خفته دولتمند و درویش
نه درویش بی کفن خفته است در خاک
نه دولتمند دارد یک کفن بیش

Often I've seen walking by a cemetery
Lying people- the poor and also mighty
Neither with no shroud was there a poor one,
Nor a more one the mighty had to put on

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Gamble Of Love

Legal or illegal
You are in my heart
No matter if you be
There or soon depart
This is a real love
For you, and that is all.
Pure, and simple in which
People seldom do fall.
I'm a man about it,
I say and I mean it
Although it's a gamble
And few surely win it.

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