Abraham Assefa

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Biography of Abraham Assefa

Abraham Assefa, born on the 3rd of August,1993 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.Having finished primary and secondary schools in Ethiopia he proceeded to studying his B.SC in Addis Ababa University.After having attended the university of Addis for two years he moved to Turkey and is currently studying Computer and instructional technologies at Sakarya University, Turkey.He loves poetry, philosophy, politics and travelling.His icons include Marcus Garvey, Dr.Cornell West, Maya Angelou, King Haileselassie, Martin Luther king Jr, Nelson Mandela, Steve Boko and all the other black movement leaders-May they rest in peace.His principles in life include: Have some respect and love for yourself; and, find your purpose in life, and be ambitious and passionate about it and have a purposeful death, gracefully travelling(no pun intended) from womb to tomb.

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There For Me

As I get beaten down
Mercilessly forced to the ground
As my dreams get more bleak
And my hopes fade away
When my body becomes too heavy to lift
And my spirit even harder
When the world turns upside down
When misfortune comes in unannounced
When the brunt of it all is too difficult to bear

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