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All who hide behind walls see nothing
Conformity to the wealth in need.
The unnecessary necessity.
Let humanity be a gift, not a curse.
Develop another verse.

My real name is John David Bastian
Not that my name should be so important.
But a biography should include such things.

The joy of writing the unwritten.
A call to the pages of the forgotten.
Torn back and ripped away.
Ideas floating through space and time.
Catch them while you can.
The dreamer of dreams.
The foundation of man.
Adding your own brand.
Adding your own flavor.
Creating a history is just one step in one moment in which we have.
Threads melting down to the wax.
A soul trying to relax.
A dance in lust and substance.
Fighting against love.
Trying to deny its very existence.
Describing a military sub.
A fictional rub.
Attention seeking poet.
Maybe I just need a hug.
Maybe I need an excuse to live.
Praying for forgiveness.
Evil deeds done.
Accomplishments to some.
Thoughts of going on a long run.
To a quiet park where nature overcomes.
Poetry is everything to everyone.

Who am I? I'm not black. Every body assumes that because of my name. Ace Of Black Hearts(This mean to me I've been hurt so many times that my heart has turned pitch black.) . Whatever you assumed about me you are sadly mistaken, I have no English, Poetry, Music, or Writing background. I write for the love of writing, and to never forget. I read a lot, but there is nothing specific that I favor other then the genre I like is fantasy. I'm very political motivated in some of my writings. But my activism, only goes as far writing and signing petitions. I'm 29 years old. I love computers, operating systems, and programming again it isn't a job yet I have years of experience with it. I favor Linux over windows all day long. In fact these days I don't really have much to do with windows anymore. It lacks the security that I want in my computer system especially one I gonna pay for.

I worked as bucket operator for three years. I'm specifically trimmed, and cut trees from a bucket, you know the 'unnn', 'unnn' from chain saw that's me. I can operate up to the medium size ones safely any bigger then that I can't handle them. I can run a motorized pole saw. I can change bars and chains, sharpen and tighten so on... I'm not really good with rope but eh we can't be all perfect.

I'm working again so I don't have as much time to write. So if it seems like I'm not commenting or voting be patient. Friends come first, poems that I like come second, third are request. And my own writing come before all the others. Not enough time to do everything I want.

I live in between two small towns. There is beautiful woods, behind my house that go on all the train tracks, then continue go until where the Watsontown brickyard is excavating for brick. In front of my house is a state route that runs along the river for a good while. The view of the river is beautiful, though if it ever really floods this is one of the first places thats get evacuated. It is a flood plain. I've lived near trains and rivers all my life and it is where I feel the most at peace.

My education is limited dropping out of high school, though I did acquire my g.e.d. later on my life. I could blame this on anybody I want, but really it was my fault. It is the on thing I truly regret in my life, though I have never looked back. Why worry about what you can't fix?

I believe in god, yet I don't believe in organized religions. To me faith is about more then just religion it's about people, it's about humanity.

I love music of all kinds but country, and this is kinda of ironic considering where I live but eh sometimes I am the exception to the rule.

I use to be a big gamer but haven't been one for years.
I don't know but I feel to much time is wasted on them, and not time is spent in the world around us.

I have just recently quit smoking again, so if a little snippy don't mind me. I'm trying to weed out of my life those things I really don't need. And an addiction is one of them. Plus it cost to much money these days. Also it is bad for me and I know it.

If you find error in my poetry please let me know.

If you have a problem with one of my poems, please contact me before you contact, because I don't want offend anyone and will reword the poem if at all possible. If you have a problem with me commenting on your poems, please also let me know because I don't know I offended you unless you tell me.
And I will try not do it, if you say something to me about it.

Ace Of Black Hearts's Works:

None yet, working on a fantasy novel called Killing The Ravens.

Book Updates:

Added a new chapter not yet finished called 'The Mark Of The Soldier' 10/31/2013

Added some content to Chapter 4 The Green Wizards Last Quest and decided one chapter won't be enough to hold the entire contents of this part of the story. So there will be a part 1 and part 2 as of now. Note, I haven't decide in what chapter to implement the second part of it yet. That is kinda what writing a book is all about. From what I have so far learned at least.10/31/2013

Added some content to chapter 5 The Prophecy 10/31/2013

Added some more content to Chapter 2 To Benard 11/04/2013

Added some more content to Chapter 2 To Benard
11/04/2013 Updates

Slow Reform

Don't take this fast.
Slow down just a little bit.
Reform doesn't happen over night.
Making a better man. İs that the plan?
Can you change the monster in me now.
I'm sorry but i won't just bow.
Who do you think you are anyways.
Don't judge unless thy wants to be judged.
So what if I've done some very bad things.

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