Ace Of Black Hearts

Silver Star - 3,373 Points (04/17/1984 / Homa Lousiana)

Ace Of Black Hearts Poems

361. The Act Of Inaction By Those Who Are Powerless 7/15/2011
362. Hole In The Ground 7/15/2011
363. Follow Me Girl 7/15/2011
364. The Boy And The Teacher 7/15/2011
365. Saving Those Behind Barriers (Revised In Line Form) 7/17/2011
366. I'M My Own Prisoner (Revised In Line Form And Viewable) 7/16/2011
367. (suicide Poem) Bringing You Back From The Edge 7/17/2011
368. (personality Poem) A Attacking Angry Voice 7/17/2011
369. Starving For A Child 7/17/2011
370. Those Who Will Continue On 7/17/2011
371. The Tears Haven'T Started Falling Yet 7/17/2011
372. Ice Burns 7/16/2011
373. My Appetite From My Emptiness 7/16/2011
374. Dear Everybody. 7/7/2011
375. Fresh Ideas. 7/12/2011
376. I'Ll Take It! ! ! 6/30/2011
377. The Man Exclaims Part01 7/3/2011
378. The Neighbors Dog For Your Entertainment 7/4/2011
379. The Memories Of The Greater Good 7/18/2011
380. (forgiveness Poem) An Open Battle Field 7/19/2011
381. Her Open Relationship 7/6/2011
382. Truth In Small Doses 7/21/2011
383. Deaths Notice 7/22/2011
384. (dark Love Poem) A Soul To Steal 7/22/2011
385. Now Just Remember Your Own Words 'Just A Friend' 7/3/2011
386. This Is A Place Where In My Argument I Lose 7/3/2011
387. (writer Poem) A Conversation With Yourself 7/3/2011
388. (insight Poem) A Question To An Understanding As You Know It 7/4/2011
389. You My Friend 7/4/2011
390. (confidence Poem) Both Of The Heart And Mind 7/12/2011
391. The Encouragement Of A Tragedy 7/9/2011
392. (political Poem) A Declining Empire 7/12/2011
393. The Only Black Sheep (Ancient Times) 7/12/2011
394. (song) Eating A Bullet 7/13/2011
395. We Are The People 7/12/2011
396. Did You Pass Or Fail? 7/3/2011
397. It Was A Thunder Storm 7/2/2011
398. We Need To Help Those Who Can'T Help Themselves 7/2/2011
399. Let Me Ask A Question 7/2/2011
400. (suicide Poem) A Suicide Massacre Planned 7/29/2011

Comments about Ace Of Black Hearts

  • V P Mahur V P Mahur (3/26/2014 4:53:00 AM)

    Dear Sir,
    A very sweet and nice poem this one. i liked it.

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    1 person did not like.
  • Unwritten Soul Unwritten Soul (5/14/2013 11:24:00 PM)

    Black hearts reformed into one sculpture of one dark chamber, the Ace...As black poetry be your wall, framing the soul, mind, thought and yourself inside it...but dont be fooled by the dark heart color as inside it is a bulb covered by black glass but when it sparking light the bright still reach too...sometimes it sounds dark by poetry but the true of what you mean carry the contrast...that is the pureness of Ace, Ace of Black Hearts...a talented poet in other words if i can say here_Soul

Best Poem of Ace Of Black Hearts

If My Poem Upset You, I'M Just So Sorry

If my poem upsets,
I'm just so sorry
No need to worry
Your not speaking anyways
And that's okay

If my poem upsets,
I'm just so sorry
Anger begets anger my friend
Deny it till the end
But were like snakes each with our own venom

If my poem upsets
I'm just so sorry
Here please hand me a tissue
So I can wipe the floor with you
You have no clue

If my poems upset
I'm just so sorry
I won't impersonate
I will speak my version of the truth
Let loose

If my poems upset
I'm just so sorry
But you don't have read, or ...

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World At War

All hands on deck.
Were at the brink of another war.
May god save our soul.
For chaos will reign with the hot embers of a past fire.
A holocaust in a sick sense.
A massacre of millions and billions of men, women, and children.
The scale could be devastating.
Life as you know it is over.
No where to hide. isolationism is dead in the water.

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