Ace Of Black Hearts

Silver Star - 3,373 Points (04/17/1984 / Homa Lousiana)

Ace Of Black Hearts Poems

1281. The Under Valued Pawn 5/9/2018
1282. Just Under The Skin 2/26/2015
1283. No More Laughter 3/8/2015
1284. The Unforgiving Moon 11/2/2013
1285. A Dangerous Experminent Part 1 12/28/2013
1286. Dragons Breath 6/29/2014
1287. Decaying Organic Matter 1/15/2014
1288. When All The Words Are Gone 2/6/2015
1289. Finding A Diamond Among The Roses 11/18/2013
1290. It Is Not Your Choice, It's Ours. 9/12/2013
1291. The Smell That Follows 4/30/2013
1292. Facing A Train Head On Coming At Full Speed. 6/14/2013
1293. My Girl 5/18/2013
1294. Just Walk Away Now 6/3/2013
1295. Forsaken King(Revised) 6/2/2013
1296. What We Have 6/1/2013
1297. Dirty Little Secret 5/3/2013
1298. A Truly Kind Soul 5/3/2013
1299. I Do Not Know The Right Words To Say. 4/16/2013
1300. A Guess In Time 4/18/2013
1301. Becoming A Forgotten Song. 4/24/2013
1302. Just Want To Know 7/16/2012
1303. What Kind Of Poet Is He? 7/16/2012
1304. We Are Responsible For Our Own 4/15/2013
1305. The Last Breath You Ever Take 7/12/2012
1306. What If It Fails? 6/16/2012
1307. What If He's Not Dead? 6/19/2012
1308. The Pyro Maniac 11/23/2011
1309. She's A Victim 4/12/2012
1310. Let It Be Out Of Love Not Notoriety 4/1/2012
1311. Not A Joint Effort 3/25/2012
1312. The Widower Before Death Does You Part 3/29/2012
1313. (encouragement Poem) A Change In The Tides 3/19/2012
1314. The Rejection Of Respect 3/6/2012
1315. (gift Poem) A Gift Recieved 1/31/2012
1316. Artificial Intelligence 2/24/2012
1317. Locked Within A Jar 2/6/2012
1318. I'M Ready To Go. 1/30/2012
1319. (fairness Poem) Big Fat Goose 1/30/2012
1320. Small Footprint 11/28/2011

Comments about Ace Of Black Hearts

  • V P Mahur V P Mahur (3/26/2014 4:53:00 AM)

    Dear Sir,
    A very sweet and nice poem this one. i liked it.

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    1 person did not like.
  • Unwritten Soul Unwritten Soul (5/14/2013 11:24:00 PM)

    Black hearts reformed into one sculpture of one dark chamber, the Ace...As black poetry be your wall, framing the soul, mind, thought and yourself inside it...but dont be fooled by the dark heart color as inside it is a bulb covered by black glass but when it sparking light the bright still reach too...sometimes it sounds dark by poetry but the true of what you mean carry the contrast...that is the pureness of Ace, Ace of Black Hearts...a talented poet in other words if i can say here_Soul

Best Poem of Ace Of Black Hearts

If My Poem Upset You, I'M Just So Sorry

If my poem upsets,
I'm just so sorry
No need to worry
Your not speaking anyways
And that's okay

If my poem upsets,
I'm just so sorry
Anger begets anger my friend
Deny it till the end
But were like snakes each with our own venom

If my poem upsets
I'm just so sorry
Here please hand me a tissue
So I can wipe the floor with you
You have no clue

If my poems upset
I'm just so sorry
I won't impersonate
I will speak my version of the truth
Let loose

If my poems upset
I'm just so sorry
But you don't have read, or ...

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Lay Down And Die

I'm still standing strong.
You just cant break me.
No matter how hard you try.
I will not lay just lay down and die.
With so many happy endings,
ı just want mine. Your out there,
ı 'm out there.
Can ı t not be any simpler.
Lets get together and

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