Ace Of Black Hearts

Silver Star - 3,265 Points (04/17/1984 / Homa Lousiana)

Ace Of Black Hearts Poems

1321. If Only The Choice Was Mine 11/9/2017
1322. Haunting Voice 11/14/2017
1323. What's Down Memory Lane 11/29/2017
1324. Bad Reflection 12/2/2017
1325. His Last Breath 12/2/2017
1326. So You Say 12/21/2017
1327. Falling In Love With The One You Have Forgiven 12/30/2017
1328. The Invisible 1/17/2018
1329. I'm Only Human 1/17/2018
1330. Lost Smile 1/19/2018
1331. Nothing Else Better 1/21/2018
1332. Speaking In Gibberish 1/21/2018
1333. Circumstances 1/21/2018
1334. What Comes Next 1/24/2018
1335. Faceless Ego 1/24/2018
1336. Eliminating All Doubt 1/25/2018
1337. Ignoring The Oncoming Train Wreck 1/25/2018
1338. My Perfect Rose 1/26/2018
1339. Excess Baggage 1/27/2018
1340. No Return On Claims(Changed Name) 1/27/2018
1341. Caged Animal 1/31/2018
1342. Goodbye With A Black Rose 2/1/2018
1343. Unwanted Pill To Be Swallowed 2/1/2018
1344. Friendship 2/3/2018
1345. Slaying A Dragon 2/4/2018
1346. Goodbye Through The Written Word 2/5/2018
1347. Do Not Follow Me Down 2/8/2018
1348. Really Old Scars 2/10/2018
1349. Never Let Her Go 2/10/2018
1350. Not Alone 2/21/2018
1351. Absolution To The Acts Of Gun Violence 2/27/2018
1352. The Dire Attraction 2/12/2015
1353. Just Under The Skin 2/26/2015
1354. No More Laughter 3/8/2015
1355. When All The Words Are Gone 2/6/2015
1356. Dragons Breath 6/29/2014
1357. Decaying Organic Matter 1/15/2014
1358. Just Walk Away Now 6/3/2013
1359. Forsaken King(Revised) 6/2/2013
1360. I Do Not Know The Right Words To Say. 4/16/2013

Comments about Ace Of Black Hearts

  • V P Mahur V P Mahur (3/26/2014 4:53:00 AM)

    Dear Sir,
    A very sweet and nice poem this one. i liked it.

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  • Unwritten Soul Unwritten Soul (5/14/2013 11:24:00 PM)

    Black hearts reformed into one sculpture of one dark chamber, the Ace...As black poetry be your wall, framing the soul, mind, thought and yourself inside it...but dont be fooled by the dark heart color as inside it is a bulb covered by black glass but when it sparking light the bright still reach too...sometimes it sounds dark by poetry but the true of what you mean carry the contrast...that is the pureness of Ace, Ace of Black Hearts...a talented poet in other words if i can say here_Soul

Best Poem of Ace Of Black Hearts

Mothers' Love

It rips at the soul the way only a mothers love could do.
The freshness of it is yet of the autumn dew.
Trees start to turn the colors of reds, yellows and orange.
And then is the sadness in which it comes. the first brown leaf being crumbled up and blowing away.
It becomes dirt and creates something new.
A little baby sprout is growing from it.
It carries but the very features she has.
One day too, she'll become like the freshness of the autumn dew.

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World At War

All hands on deck.
Were at the brink of another war.
May god save our soul.
For chaos will reign with the hot embers of a past fire.
A holocaust in a sick sense.
A massacre of millions and billions of men, women, and children.
The scale could be devastating.
Life as you know it is over.
No where to hide. isolationism is dead in the water.

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