Ada Cambridge

[Ada Cross] (21 November 1844 – 19 July 1926 / St Gemans, Norfolk)

Ada Cambridge Poems

81. Afar Off 3/3/2010
82. Aunt Dorothy's Lecture 3/2/2010
83. Awake 3/2/2010
84. A Story At Dusk 3/2/2010
85. A Prayer 3/2/2010
86. Advent Hymn 3/2/2010
87. A Sigh In The Night 3/2/2010
88. All-Saints' Day (1868) 3/2/2010
89. An Old Doll 3/2/2010
90. All-Saints' Day (1867) 3/2/2010
91. A Promise 3/3/2010
92. By A Norfolk Broad 3/2/2010
93. Honour 1/4/2003
94. A Lesson 3/3/2010
95. An Anniversary 3/2/2010
96. An Old Maid's Lament 3/3/2010
97. The Virgin Martyr 1/4/2003
98. The Dawn Of God's Sabbath 1/1/2004
99. An Answer 3/3/2010
100. Peace 3/2/2010
101. Despair 1/4/2003
102. What Of The Night? 1/4/2003
103. Faith 1/4/2003
104. A Wife's Protest 3/3/2010
105. After Our Likeness. 3/2/2010
106. Good-Bye 1/4/2003
107. On Australian Hills 1/1/2004
108. At Sea 1/1/2004
109. Fallen 3/3/2010
110. A Dream Of Venice 3/2/2010

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Best Poem of Ada Cambridge

A Dream Of Venice

NUMB, half asleep, and dazed with whirl of wheels,
And gasp of steam, and measured clank of chains,
I heard a blithe voice break a sudden pause,
Ringing familiarly through the lamp-lit night,
“Wife, here's your Venice!”
I was lifted down,
And gazed about in stupid wonderment,
Holding my little Katie by the hand—
My yellow-haired step-daughter. And again
Two strong arms led me to the water-brink,
And laid me on soft cushions in a boat,—
A queer boat, by a queerer boatman manned—
Swarthy-faced, ragged, with a scarlet cap—
Whose wild, weird ...

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The Virgin Martyr

Every wild she-bird has nest and mate in the warm April weather,
But a captive woman, made for love -- no mate, no nest has she.
In the spring of young desire, young men and maids are wed together,
And the happy mothers flaunt their bliss for all the world to see:
Nature's sacramental feast for these -- an empty board for me.

I, a young maid once, an old maid now, deposed, despised, forgotten --
I, like them have thrilled with passion and have dreamed of nuptial rest,
Of the trem

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