Ada Cambridge

[Ada Cross] (21 November 1844 – 19 July 1926 / St Gemans, Norfolk)

Ada Cambridge Poems

81. The Night 3/2/2010
82. The Soldier's Grave 3/2/2010
83. Looking In The Fire 3/2/2010
84. An Anniversary 3/2/2010
85. An Old Maid's Lament 3/3/2010
86. Seeking 3/3/2010
87. A Promise 3/3/2010
88. Desire 3/2/2010
89. A Dream Of Venice 3/2/2010
90. All-Saints' Day (1867) 3/2/2010
91. The Virgin Martyr 1/4/2003
92. Individuality 3/2/2010
93. The Magic Wand 3/2/2010
94. At Sea 1/1/2004
95. By A Norfolk Broad 3/2/2010
96. The Old Manor House 3/2/2010
97. Honour 1/4/2003
98. The Dawn Of God's Sabbath 1/1/2004
99. I Dare Not 3/3/2010
100. Vows 3/2/2010
101. Faith 1/4/2003
102. A Lesson 3/3/2010
103. A Wife's Protest 3/3/2010
104. An Answer 3/3/2010
105. On Australian Hills 1/1/2004
106. Good-Bye 1/4/2003
107. Despair 1/4/2003
108. The Crown Of Thorns 3/2/2010
109. Fallen 3/3/2010
110. Peace 3/2/2010

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Best Poem of Ada Cambridge


The red-rose flush fades slowly in the west.
The golden water, basking in the light,
Pales to clear amber and to silver white.
The velvet shadow of a flame-crowned crest
Lies dark and darker on its shining breast,
Till lonely mere and isle and mountain-height
Grow dim as dreams in tender mist of night,
And all is tranquil as a babe at rest.

So still! So calm! Will our life's eve come thus?
No sound of strife, of labour or of pain,
No ring of woodman's axe, no dip of oar.
Will work be done, and night's rest earned, for us?
And shall we wake to see sunrise...

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At Sea

When the investing darkness growls,
And deep reverberates to deep;
When keyhole whines and chimney howls,
And all the roofs and windows weep;
Then, through the doorless walls of sleep,
The still-sealed ear and shuttered sight,
Phantoms of memory steal and creep,
The very ghosts of sound and light--
Dream-visions and dream-voices of a bygone night.

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