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My name is Adam. I was born and raised in a small town in Missouri. Growing up I always enjoyed reading books. I first got into writing after being inspired by my English teacher who also taught a writing class. Over the years I have written mostly about love and heartbreaks but every once in awhile I branch out a little and write on a different s ...

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In my assessment as one who teaches English language and literature and as one who occasionally asks my students to write poems and stories at times your poetry has a charm of its own with vibrant and well focussed thought patterns. Mr Adam McKim has a Frostian philosophy in its hidden shades and he is going to make it greater still I believe. All the best Mr Adam

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Lisa Struthers 03 August 2012

I just have to say, I had to read all your poems once I read the first. They say things I've felt that I could never give the right words too. So thank's truly nice to know that it's not just me who feels as you do! ! ! Keep writing, you really have a way with words that convey so many different emotions. ~Lisa

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Christine Blaydes 28 March 2012

I love your poems, they are so cleaver and well said. Life changing. keep it up! =D

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Alexianna Brandhagen 24 March 2012

your poems are well-written, well-phrased, and well done overall. i seldom find poems with so much raw emotion, and i look forward to any more you submit. brava

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The Best Poem Of Adam McKim

A Broken Heart's Song

A broken heart's song,
Starts out slow.
A confusion of melodies,
With easy flow.

Keys of a piano,
Play a sad tune.
But nothing compared,
To what comes soon.

Strings of violins,
Add to the gloom.
The broken heart's song,
Fills the room.

Confusion fades,
The hurt settles in.
As a Theremin's cry,
Creeps under the skin.

The pain is too much,
For the broken heart.
As the days go by,
The anger starts.

The beating of drums,
From hitting the wall.
The crash of cymbals,
As you begin to fall.

From confusion to pain,
To anger, now hate.
Guitars scream out,
As the music dilates.

Then suddenly it stops,
You remember when.
The broken heart's song,
Starts over again.

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Adam McKim Popularity

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